Fine Press Book Association now on Facebook

October 10, 2008

A note from Paul Razzell:

As many of you know, the Fine Press Book Association (FPBA) is an organization of individuals interested in the art of fine printing formed with the goal of promoting the appreciation of beautiful books and printing skills.

In addition to the FPBA website (, we are now online at The Facebook site offers FPBA members the ability to upload images of ther recent or forthcoming books along with descriptions, ordering information, and links back to presses’ own websites. The goal is to increase exposure of member-presses’ books.

Please see You need to “join” — which takes about two minutes. Then use the search field to find Fine Press Book Association. This service is easy to use and it is free.

Once you’re there, I strongly encourage all of you to post images of your latest or forthcoming books with full descriptions, and links to your own websites (or the websites of dealers’ who sell your books). It is this information that will catch viewers’ eyes. So don’t be shy!


book art object

October 4, 2008

The Codex Foundation is publishing a catalogue/commemorative volume of the First Codex Foundation Book Fair and Symposium. book art object, edited by David Jury with transcripts from the speakers as well as five additional essays from book artists from around the world, is expected to be published in November. Keep an eye on the publication website for further details (though Parenthesis 15 has an article by David Jury that notes that 1500 copies have been [will be?] printed, with the books retailing for US $75 and a prepublication price, including postage, of US $65).

Readers will also want to keep in mind that the Second Codex Foundation Book Fair and Symposium will be held February 8-11, 2009 in Berkeley, California. Tickets are $225 and registration for both the book fair and the symposium now appear to be open. See the Codex 2009 web page for more information.

Catching up with The Old School Press

October 4, 2008

A few recent publications from The Old School Press:

An Italian Dream by Charles Dickens is a chapter from Dickens’ Pictures of Italy wherein he recounts his visit to St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. The details from the Old School Press website: “I had the text set automatically in 12pt Poliphilus from the digital copy by Harry McIntosh at Speedspools. Poliphilus is a type based closely on that cut by Francesco Griffo and used for Aldus Manutius’s Hypnerotomachia Poliphili which was published in Venice in 1499. I printed the text on a dampened hand-made paper from the Carteria Amatruda in Amalfi, a stock of which I bought from Christopher Skelton’s estate some years back. Complementing that are end-papers of a burgundy-coloured Magnani Firenze, another Italian hand-made. The book consists of a single section of 16pp sewn into boards. The front cover carries a photograph, digitally manipulated, that I took on a rather misty day from Dorsoduro, towards San Giorgio, though the latter was not to be seen. The edition is 135 copies. The price is £36 (€42, US$70). (ISBN 978-1-899933-25-9)”

Jump of the Manta Ray is an “epic, erotic poem” by the Spanish poet Carmen Boullosa, with an accompanying English translation by Psiche Hughes with images by Philip Hughes. The details: “A solander box in red cloth holds the book and a portfolio. The text is printed letterpress on 175gsm Somerset paper, making a handsome book of about 340mm (13.4 inches) high and 300mm (11.8 inches) wide. Twenty large images (170mm square) have been printed on an Iris giclée printer on 330gsm Somerset Velvet paper: they come on separate sheets in the portfolio, all signed and numbered by the artist. Two other images, also Iris-printed, act as frontis- and tail-piece for the book. Twenty-nine smaller Iris-printed images (70mm square) appear throughout the text. All the images are listed in an index locating them to the sites where Hughes took the original photographs, from Scotland to Antarctica. A Maziarczyk paste paper covers the boards of the book and the portfolio, each of which has a grey spine. The edition consists of 60 copies of which 50 are for sale. Each copy is signed by the poet, translator, artist and printer. The price per copy is £1,500 (UK), €2,500 (continental Europe), A$3,800 (Australasia), or US$2,500 (rest of the world) according to country of purchase. Carriage and insurance are included.”

To learn more about these and other Old School Press publications, be sure to visit them online at

New & Upcoming from Heavenly Monkey

October 4, 2008

This Fall, Heavenly Monkey will release a special publication of the last chapter of the upcoming book Elements in Correlation. This chapter covers the influence of the Doves Press on Rollin Milroy’s approach to printing and is accompanied by a leaf from the Doves Press’ 1914 collection of Shelley’s poems. Only 23 copies will be produced, and I gather that most (if not all) of Heavenly Monkey’s productions sell out directly to subscribers, but I’m sure copies will be available from a few booksellers. To learn more about everything that Heavenly Monkey has going on, check out the New & Upcoming page or take a look at a PDF of the latest HM catalog.